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Monday, November 15, 2010

me who speaks out loud #1

i'll not mocking on others for today.so,chill baby :)

just a few reports on my daily life.err,reports?LOL.i mean,stories to share with.

recently i updated my blog with few entries and all was deleted right after.really sorry for that.it was not meant to share publicly,i guess.

here me.the senseless me have back!welcome me back warmly ok?

too tired with my life right now.i need a vacation.

baby,would you go there with me?

 duh,when will i have one?currently i'm too busy with my studies.any suggestion to ease my messy mind?other than vacation,perhaps a boyfriend would do??ROFLMAO.

oh,buat anda semua yg baru sahaja atau bakal selesai menduduki exam final, 

"hey,i envy with you guys.have a blast holidays guys!"

errr,doesn't it weird when i write this kind of entry?pelik tak?saya pelik kan?skema kot aku ni.LOL.

skema?i don't care.


hey,nerdies.don't you realize how hot you are?grrr.

oh ya,btw,
i'm so in love with michael cera.say goodbye to joe brooks,y'alls. :)

that's all for u guys.

well,this is for myself.

and for you who know yourself,

 and i'm  glad it was you.tambi,i sweet kan?

footnote : lotsa pics cheer me up! sorry for making u guys worried.love u all.xoxo


mcjust.lol said...

hey aku pun nerd, tapi tetap hot! auww auww.

yaa, fall in love when you're ready, and at the same time, succeed in your studies with flying colours! ;))

DuniakuAbstrak said...

akhirnya....sebuah entry terkini yang betul2 entry telah berjaya d hasilkan oleh kau setelah beberapa kali enrty olok2 di delete oleh kau sebelum ini

p/s sempat bisol bontot tunggu entry dari kau

:: cekodod :: said...

warna warni

afiqah said...

cmnie baru best ;)
Jangan sedih lagi okay?

hiro said...

sje xnk bg gua bc entri..mencik..gua mne pndai omputih..

Encik Tikus said...

yeah, fall in love when ur ready not when ur lonely ;)

Bazilah said...

woh bila finals?..saye pun tengah holiday..weehuuu! tapi malangnya belum finals lagi :(

Anonymous said...

hey nerdies are sweeeet. i mean, when he able to ctch ones attntion, able to grab ones heart without flirting. wow ;D

those cool guys are all players eh?
oh i guess i wnt nerdies now. gaa~

adrinaqamarina said...

hahah. komen membina dari blogger otai.

sayangs, tc oke. :) chups3

plumpy.tootsie said...

nerdies ARE hot baby!i want one for me :)

yup,fall in love when u r ready.and i'm not ready yet.

ok,i lied :D

plumpy.tootsie said...

LOL,i'm sorry my dear :)

lepas ni aku update cepat2 ok? ;)

plumpy.tootsie said...

warna warni je kau suke?aku kau suke tak? :P

plumpy.tootsie said...

yupsie.thanks for your concern baby :)

plumpy.tootsie said...

tu lah,orang suruh blaja lu pegi curi coli.kan dah bodoh.

plumpy.tootsie said...

**encik tikus,
yupsie.so,r u really ready?

plumpy.tootsie said...

i dh habis cuti dh pun :(

plumpy.tootsie said...

not all cool guys are player lah.and nerdies sometimes could be cool.so i want nerdies!LOL.

plumpy.tootsie said...

from who?

yupsie,i'm ok dear :)

hackshitam said...


plumpy.tootsie said...

jangan gelak.i'm affected by michael cera.due to his cuddly nerd,i fall for him :)

Amoi said...

kau ada problem ke beb sampai tulis kat blog lepas tu delete?

kalau aku ada problem or meroyan. aku tulis kat Notepad. lepas tu save. bila hati dah sejuk baru delete.

good therapy right?

plumpy.tootsie said...

problem kecil je :)

btw,posted it untuk org tu bace,bile dia dh bace,i delete :)

tia said...

fall in love when ur ready not when ur lonely!


plumpy.tootsie said...

yes dear.
fall in love when you r ready,not when you r lonely.

i'm not ready yet,tp mcm dh suke kt someone.mcm mne tu?


RastaMat said...

sooo shuweeet lah..
macam gula melaka..

plumpy.tootsie said...

oi!perli baik punye.grrr.