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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

less is more

you feel like he's the one who would spend his whole life with you,
in the end,he dumps you.

you feel like she's the very best friend of yours,
in the end,she stabs your back.

you feel like everyone liking you,
in the end,nobody cares about you.

life never meant to be cruel to you,
life just playing fair to you,
life teach you not to hope too much,
life shows you the pain of being hurt.

reality hurts,reality bites.

fantasy just for those who wear pink ribbon and skirts,
there's neither knight in shining armor nor happily ever after.

when you hope too much,you'll hurt more.
when you least expected it,the more impact it gives.

and you could cry when the pain is unbearable.

footnote : play safe by harden your heart.nothing would hurt you more than yourself.