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they said that i have split-personality.and isn't it sounds cool?

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untuk kembali menulis,mungkin bukan sekarang.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

silly wishes #1


i guess,i'm lacking of idea mau-tulis-apa.

so here goes my silly wishes number 1.

main sembursembur.nak?

"missed the time when we were child,
when we played with water sprinkler,
as we run over the field,
and have nothing to worry about."

footnote : pernah  main paip air mase tolong ur dad basuh kereta tak?i did before.always.miss that moment :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

red light means stop.

"stop criticize people and start correct yourself."

this phrase,untuk awak,awak,awak,awak dan saya juga *sambil tuding-tuding jari kt korang

awak tak dapat apa-apa kalau awak asyik nak hentam orang.sebaliknya betulkan diri dan awak akan dapat lebih manfaat darinya. :)

mood : skema *betul-betulkan spek mata

footnote : short one.sebab orang tu cakap dia dah baca entri yg lepas,so dah boleh update entri baru :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

me who speaks out loud #1

i'll not mocking on others for today.so,chill baby :)

just a few reports on my daily life.err,reports?LOL.i mean,stories to share with.

recently i updated my blog with few entries and all was deleted right after.really sorry for that.it was not meant to share publicly,i guess.

here me.the senseless me have back!welcome me back warmly ok?

too tired with my life right now.i need a vacation.

baby,would you go there with me?

 duh,when will i have one?currently i'm too busy with my studies.any suggestion to ease my messy mind?other than vacation,perhaps a boyfriend would do??ROFLMAO.

oh,buat anda semua yg baru sahaja atau bakal selesai menduduki exam final, 

"hey,i envy with you guys.have a blast holidays guys!"

errr,doesn't it weird when i write this kind of entry?pelik tak?saya pelik kan?skema kot aku ni.LOL.

skema?i don't care.


hey,nerdies.don't you realize how hot you are?grrr.

oh ya,btw,
i'm so in love with michael cera.say goodbye to joe brooks,y'alls. :)

that's all for u guys.

well,this is for myself.

and for you who know yourself,

 and i'm  glad it was you.tambi,i sweet kan?

footnote : lotsa pics cheer me up! sorry for making u guys worried.love u all.xoxo

Saturday, November 6, 2010

siapa yg main?

"bila awak setia,awak dapat setia.bila awak main-main,awak dapat permainan semata."

that's how i play with love.i ain't playing when he's really serious.hey,i have a heart u know.

somehow,people keep asking,
"hey,when will you stop doing that?changing partner as u like.isn't it tiring?"

well, my dear friends,who like it?neither do i.i tried to commit and they fail me.i tried to have faith and they hurt me.hey,i tau lah i tak lawa kan.u pun tak hensem lah.

i am easy to get,but i am also easy to go. :)

did you ever ask your partner,who you really are to them?kalau mereka jawab tergagap-gagap,leave him/her.it's obvious that they still don't know the exact answer.i pernah kena ok.ahakz.kantoi gua.on the dot kena tinggal bhai.ROFLMAO.

most of the people nowadays,love the looks.tak percaya?percaya lah.

hey,cantik lah u sekarang.kenapa dulu i tak pernah nampak u eh?

hey,u dah lawa lah.dulu u selekeh je kan?

wow,bergaya lah u sekarang.i like.


f*ck the bullshits.and that's the people who declare themselves love you?oh my,mereka penipu besar dalam dunia ni.

i left my partner when i feel that they couldn't give back what i gave.

tanam,tanam,tanam.sampai masa nanti aku gali balik.100 tahun lagi mungkin.

so,there's something i wanna ask,
i change my partner frequently,does it mean that i'm playing with their hearts?

footnote : i hardly reject people,but easily left people.kejam kan?ahaa,two questions there. :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

bebelan #1

i'm having sort of emotional breakdown these past few days due to my such-an-asshole final result.

i'm so sorry for not dropping comments on all my blogger friends' recent entries.i'm so sorry guys.but i did  read it.i swear.

this gonna be a very short entry because i know well how annoying a 'bebelan' could be.

few of my blogger friends had discover who am i exactly.thanks for keeping my secret, my friends.it's an honour to have friends like u guys.being unknown way more comfortable for this time being.wait until i post my 100th entry,then i'll reveal my identity.is it ok?it's a deal then.

tadi saya dating bawah pokok dengan encik pakwe.oh,sungguh tak percaya.it was our 1st date.terima kasih awak :)

ini masih dalam genggaman sendiri,andai pecah tiada berganti

footnote : he's not gonna read this bullshit.hehe.

footnote updated : jangan berharap sangat pakwe yg sama bakal keluar lagi untuk entri akan datang.kalau ad cerita pasal pakwe lagi,mybe itu lelaki lain.bye.