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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

#with mummy

with mummy,

[laying and hugging on the bed together with her,on her bed of course.daddy's not around that time]

mummy : adik agak-agak nak kahwin bila?
me : LOL.that's too funny,ma.but,the latest on 25.boleh tak,ma?
mummy : 25?
me : yup.not specifically married lah.but at least dh tied to somebody.steady boyfie,engagement or something.
mummy : sounds great.berapa tahun lagi?mak nak prepare.
me : 6 years,ma!6 years doesn't sounds long enough.OMG,nak kahwin! :D

[at kenduri kahwin,i found out that kawan ayah berbesan dgn kawan ayah jugak]

me : ma,nanti ma nak berbesan dgn kawan ma or with strangers?
mummy : hee.sukati kau la *she giggles and eat her food.

[another kenduri kahwin]

mummy : meh mak nak tunjuk officemate mak yg handsome.mcm hero filem melayu.
me : mane?yg baju purple tu?
mummy : bukan.tu org lain
me : really?but he's cute.

the result; mase dekat ofis,my mum pergi cakap dgn that purple guy,"anak aku cakap kau hensem."

[at home.guling-guling sahaja]

me : ma,i went for a date.with the senior that i like.
mummy : yang mane ni?ma dah tak ingat.ramai sgt lah.
me : *and i was likeeee....errr...ma?ok.fine

[12AM at pavillion for a movies.and she called me.]

mummy : kat mana ha?
me : kl ma.going for midnight movies
mummy : dgn siapa?
me : the D and T,and a **guyfriend.he's driving.
mummy : oh.ok.hati-hati.asyik keluar je kau ni.ok, mak nak harvest farmville.bye

**subject to change. (dan selalunya memang bertukar pun)

[and this happened when dad buy me a RM30 topup.dah lama,when i was 13 or 14, tapi takpe lah]

daddy : dah dapat topup?
me : dah.RM10 je.
daddy : ayah beli kan RM30 la
mummy : mak amek RM20.budak-budak mana boleh pakai banyak.nak buat apa?
me : maaaaaaaaaaaa *cekak pinggang

and that's me,ma :)

she's my bestfriend.she's my foe.she's my everything.

footnote : i will be posting my comical moments with my special peeps now and onwards,based on my mood.check out fot the #  sign!