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Saturday, February 19, 2011


buat cukup syarat update blog.

so?diterima tak?


i'm sorry.just kidding.

well,i'm writing for my bestfriend.

you always said that u were happy with him.yes,i know that.but,could you please take a few minutes.close your eyes,place your hands on your chest.ask yourself is it true he's the one for you?

trust your instinct.trust him.trust yourself.stalk less,trust more.errr.trust yourself,i mean.(oh please never give a boy your fully trust)instinct babe.instinct.LOL (ingat cerita aku kan?)

if he ever,ever did something to you.don't feel angry,don't feel sad.bcause i'm always there for you either rain or shine.

little note for you : nasihat sikit kawan kau yg suka add boyfriend orang tu.bahaya ok.BAHAYA.but,if your man turn to her,let him be.it's obvious that he's just a FUCK.


lots of love,


RastaMat said...

yes instinct..
follow ur instinct plz..
neva trust human being..
trust urself first..

plumpy.tootsie said...

never trust boys.LOL :P

RastaMat said...

neva trust anyone!!!
for real..

echah mashuri said...

kata hati xakan menipu:)

platipus said...

i miss ya

bukan penggoda said...

byk sgt fuck kt situ tootsie oiii...

skandaLdariLangit said...

hai awak

plumpy.tootsie said...

indeed.kite dh sttle hal ni kt ym kn?hehe

plumpy.tootsie said...

**echah mashuri,
yep!cudnt agree more :)

plumpy.tootsie said...

huhu.babe,mcm xleh nk ke melaka la.cudnt get approval to drive there. :(

plumpy.tootsie said...

**bukan penggoda,
sorry cikgu.saya berlaku biadap.nnt sy babap mlut sy.hehe

plumpy.tootsie said...

hai awk! :D